Morton Patterson

Morton Patterson Consulting (MPC) is a management consulting company, whose core business is value based consulting. We work with business owners and service professionals who feel frustrated because they frequently discount to win business; they are confused about how to package their services and how to submit proposals that actually win business.

Through our one-to-one consultancy, workshops and bespoke in-house value pricing training, we specifically tailor our coaching and workshops to the needs of our clients;  addressing the acute challenges they could be facing – be it with setting fees, packaging your services, writing better proposals or asking credibility building questions in meetings.  The focus is on results, not your process or methodology, but more on how much the client’s condition has improved due to your intervention.

Ultimately, our aim is to help you to position yourselves differently to the competition so that you can:

  • Stop undercharging for your services
  • Be comfortable with your pricing strategy
  • Be clear about your value proposition
  • Submit proposals that win business

Please feel free to browse our site. In the services section, you will find information about the value pricing coaching program. And if you have a pressing need in your business, have a look at our pick and mix option where you can select from the ‘menu’ to address a specific need in your business.  These are short, powerful interventions, where we work closely with you to complete a proposal, create your a value proposition or just develop a pricing strategy.

If you have a team and interested in a bespoke training program for your business, or you would simply like to talk to us about our complimentary value pricing sessions, please complete this form and we will be in touch.