Morton Patterson

Morton Patterson Consulting (MPC) is a management consulting company. We work with business owners who are ambitious, dynamic and committed to building a profitable business while delivering great value to their clients.

That’s our obsession too – adding value. Our mission is to add value every time we interact with a client whether that’s through our coaching, workshops, speaking or other services.

We add value by helping our clients be clear about their business and the value they give their customers.

What are your main concerns?

Are you seeking clarity about your direction?

Are you undercharging for your services or not sure you are charging what you’re worth?

Stuck on a plateau and need to kick-start growth?

Want to win new business but not sure where to look and how to tender?

Or need to align the business with your purpose in life so that it’s satisfying and not just a job?

How do we help?

We bring into sharper focus the purpose of your business, the benefits you provide, and the value to the customer.

We will ensure you recognise your full value and show you how to realise it – in revenue and profitable growth.

We help you to stop selling yourself short and avoid undercharging for your services

We will also inspire you with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.

We do this through one-to-one coaching, workshops, special programmes and our business support club. To learn more, click on the Services tab above.