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Time sure does fly and amazingly we are now in the 3rd week of January. I trust that you all had some well deserved rest and ready for what the New Year brings.One of the areas that frequently come up with clients is packaging. How to create options that really display the full array of services and improve their chances of winning the business.Thinking this through requires discipline and some commitment. But it can be worth it. 
Recently, there was an article in the Washington Post about Delta Airlines and how they will soon be offering five new kinds of ‘Products’, or what we used to call seats.  The roll out is scheduled to start on March 1.
As always the purpose of business is to increase revenue and the re-branding and repositioning of these services come with some degree of options and restrictions. What was exciting about reading this was the creativity of it all.
I would advocate that the point here is not the finer details about the offer – although you can read more about it here; but the value of sitting down, looking at your customers’ needs and creating a service that does just that.  What was interesting with regards to Delta as opposed Alaska Airlines, was Delta did not conduct any focus groups or analytics, they simply introduced new fares and services back in 2012, and as there were no objections they decided to roll it out late last year. An element of let’s just test this and see.   Expect to see extensions of this in the future by other airlines and companies. 
You can do the same in your business. Look at your range of services, what repeatedly comes up as a question or concern for your customers and clients? Creating a new range of packages may be the answer.We are holding a ½ day packaging your services workshop on the 17thFebruary in Central London. You will leave with a clear outline of your services and created a range of packages of your offerings. This is going to be a very practical workshop as I want you to leave with something you can confidently present to clients or discuss at meetings.  This is something not to be missed.
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