Case Studies


The Business Challenge:

This catering business which has existed for more than 16 years were stuck and found that although they were extremely professional and had a solid track record of satisfied clients they business was not growing at the pace they expected and knew that they needed to do something different. The website was confusing and navigation was difficult as it was hard to know where to go and what to do. Enquires were coming in online and but less offline infrequently. The frustration was further impacted by the quality of the enquires coming in which had unrealistic budget expectations. Their average request had a budget of £700.00 for 100 people and this was often challenged by the prospect and by other competitors who were willing to charge less. It is a very price competitive market. They were at a stage where they wanted to work with a Consultant who had success and experience of helping businesses to clarify their offer, reposition and package their services and increase profitability.

 The results they gained from us working together:

  • Revamped website which was much more customer focused and segmented. This involved changing the contact us form on the website to qualify prospective customers budget expectations
  • An increase in qualified enquiries
  • Developed a strategic marketing plan which clarified ideal customers – needs and challenges
  • Created a seasonal campaigns to increase awareness and extend their reach
  • Moved away from just offering a simple menu like everyone else but specific offerings relative to the different customer segments and their requirements.
  • Created specific packages for their services :
    • Milestones package– Special events – 60th birthday, 40th, 50th
    • Rest in peace package – for funerals
    • Weddings
  • Changed their pricing structure and with new packages increased fees by 25%
  • Created a minimum value order £1500
  • Created a platinum package of £7,000 – £10,000
  • Increased confidence and belief in their offer and value
  • Clarified their offer so that the message is really clear
  • Understand what is important to customers –

What else happened in their business because of achieving these results?

  • Renewed confidence when speaking to prospective clients in meetings
  • Had a much more robust system for handling enquires and converting enquiries
  • Clients can see the value
  • Much clearer on their individual roles and responsibilities
  • Handle enquires much more confidently
  • Confidence with meetings and what to say

The cost to the client had they decided NOT to work with me

  • Sales would continue to stagnate and the business would not grow
  • Continue to compete on price and be increasingly frustrated that they were not positioning themselves differently to other catering businesses
  • Drifting along – no clear focus



The Business Situation:

A high-end event management business who had a range of service offerings for professionals working in fiancé and high net-worth. Also partnerships for their Experiential Brand offering. The value proposition was unclear which contributed to the challenge of struggling to engage new partners and the membership take up was below the projected level.

What results did they get from working with me?

  • A complete revamp of marketing documents to the different customer groups
  • Clarified and distinct their offer to 3 different groups:
    • Members
    • Partners
    • Companies interested in Experiential branding
  • Created new packages for:
    • Partners with additional fee structures
    • Membership offers
  • Gained new Consulting contracts
  • An increase in gold members
  • New partners

What other transformations happened in their business because of these results

  • Renewed confidence in managing meetings – they were clearer about their value, the questions to ask in meetings and how to close business
  • Clearer on service offering and value
  • Clients can see the value and therefore received better enquiries

What would have been the cost to the client had they decided NOT to work with me

  • Poor increase in sales and fail to meet their targets
  • Business would continue being stuck and drift along with no clear focus
  • No clarity on their value or offer with the results the client can achieve
  • Their offer would remain confused and unable to increase membership as they did