Know Your Value Pick and Mix

It may well be that you do not have the time or want to invest in the full Value Pricing Coaching program, but have an immediate challenge in your business that you would like guidance with. Pick one of the options below that best suits your needs. Complete the contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

Option Description Value
Proposal An assessment of your current proposals, what has worked and how to do them differently Learn how to complete proposals that increase your chances of winning new business
Clarify your value proposition We will look at the results you have created for clients; step-by step, we would analyse how you have actually have improved your client’s condition What makes your business different? Be able to communicate this through clear results driven stories and also clarity on your value
Packaging your services Creating packages for your offers from the least expensive to the most expensive Have a complete understanding of your different service  offerings and their associated fees
Mindset, Self-Esteem and Value Pricing We will unravel the blocks that could be keeping you stuck and contributing to you undercharging or not recognising your value Strategies for overcoming and working on your self-esteem and self-worth issues
Sales meetings scripts A step by step guide of the questions and process for handling meetings and asking  credibility building questions A clear script that you can use repeatedly  in meetings which help you to establish great relationships and move you forward to the 2nd meeting