Client Testimonials

Morton has recently delivered a series of Know Your Value workshops for the Fit for Legacy programme which came to our attention as we were starting to review the business. Morton is very engaging and clearly passionate about his subject. Whilst some of the approach was not completely new to us, Morton’s programme has provided a great framework for our review. His conviction that implementation will improve any business is borne out by the results some attendees experienced for themselves between sessions.   Whilst clearly focussed on profitability, the workshops never forget the customer’s needs. Morton has provided some great tips and in-sights to effectively reviewing pricing structures in the full knowledge of the benefits your service provides. We are looking forward to completing our review, implementing changes and seeing the result.  Jackie Collen, Director, 4 Training & Consultancy Ltd

I was recently recommended to have a series of one to one meetings with Morton as I am at a stage in my business where I needed to focus on the growth strategy of the business. This included a structured sales process, thinking like our clients and how to give our clients added value. 

During the first meeting, it was clear that Morton was incredibly knowledgeable and an expert in his field. not only by the handout that he had prepared but also how the meeting although structured was very much tailored to my requirements. His approach was very fluid and allowed me to see how in many ways we could add more value to our clients by the service we provide. Additionally, the other aspect that stood out was how he helped me to look at potential issues especially regarding pricing and expectations and how to overcome that, this strategy will immediately be implemented into the sales process. I expect the turnover of my business to increase by at least 50% in the next 6 months as a result of the structures and systems that Morton and I are currently working on in our meetings. I highly recommend Morton, his service and approach is second to none! Hope Mutongwizo, Creative Director, Vanilla Orchid Bakery

I attended Morton’s Know Your Value workshop as a new business start-up and was interested in how to create packages and price them for my clients.  What I loved about the workshop was how Morton was able to impart the psychology of pricing our products too low, much to our detriment and the subsequent impact it has on both the seller and buyer. I walked away feeling confident on my pricing strategy and how to confidently ask for the price I  set for the value I provide.  I would advise any business owner to attend this workshop to determine if they’re leaving money on the table! Valerie Campbell,  Spiritual teacher, relationship adviser, Author:  She’s Got That Vibe

Profilex Properties was stuck in a time consuming low return portion of the property management market, and as a result, the director Denise Dje Komenan was burned out whilst the business was simply ticking along.  In the 7 years that our business has existed, we did very little marketing and mainly this was because we were unclear about our ‘box’ and what made us different. We struggled to stand out from the crowd of agents before getting any business.

We engaged Morton because it was clear that he had solutions to help us resolve burning issues in our business, some I was aware of and some I did not really realise were issues: get paid for our true value, how to  trade our time more effectively and finding  our ‘box.’ This very topic was a turning point as I felt it was the solution to market my services more clearly and effectively.

 When Morton started working with Profilex Properties, he helped shift our focus from ‘tasks’ and processes and more on the transformation which occurred in our  client’s lives/businesses. He made us feel for the first time in years of trading, that we could begin to envision a solution to resolving certain issues the business was facing. One of the biggest difference that working with him has provided is helping us find our box. This was a huge turning point to help the business grow in confidence and facilitated Profilex Properties being able to find its unique place and clearly defined spot on the marketplace. As a result, this allowed us to be back in the game and on track with the right target market which opened up new possibilities that were left in the back burner for years. The marketing of the business was much more effective

 He works with a laser focus, and will do what it takes to ensure the business is well diagnosed (even in a short meeting) before even attempting to bring solutions to the table. He will make it work for you and will want to ensure that he definitely enhanced your business life somehow (not just take your money and run). He is a crop above the rest, there is no match or competition for the quality of his services. Denise Dje Komenan, Director, Profilex Properties

” We worked together since November 2011, and before we started working together, I was superwoman doing everything, I was stressed out emotionally, and my health was not great. I could not grow the  business because I was too busy doing ground level work that I was already paying staff to do, which in turn undermined their capabilities. Morton provided us with strong solid advice, deep rooted in developmental learning and supported me to unlock my capabilities and to believe in my team, and trust in the company/business that I had built.  He helped us to recognise our value and the unique service that we provided. Be prepared to have every thought process challenged and be open to what you can achieve.The ultimate benefits received from working with Morton, are that I now live abroad and still run my business in the UK, something I always wanted to do, but never imagined I would achieve. I would say I still have stresses, but I now have stresses looking at the sun and the sea every morning, now that’s a better stress to have.”   Janine Downes, Director, Ventures UK Support Services

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Morton Patterson Consulting, for your guidance in assisting UTD to develop a proposal for our client here in Jamaica. We are pleased to advise that we were successful in getting the contract which is a significant milestone for UTD.  The knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared with us, was instrumental in our achieving this goal. We would also like to commend you for the professional manner in which you managed the situation through virtual teleconferences and social media from the UK.  The proposal template which was provided by Morton Patterson Consulting, was key in establishing a sound foundation for drafting the final document and was no doubt a part of the winning formula. It was a pleasure working with you, and your team, and we certainly would have no hesitation introducing our business colleagues in Jamaica and abroad to Morton Patterson Consulting.  Thank you for all of your efforts in making this a success.  Wilfred Talbot   Director, UTD Training & Development

I would recommend this workshop without hesitation! Not only have I benefited from it personally, but I have also recommended and introduced it to many business associates and clients who have all given me tremendous feedback about how practical and thought-provoking the sessions were, and how they were able to rapidly apply many elements of the training to their everyday working lives, resulting in materially improved ROI and increased confidence in knowing their own business value. Superb! Glen Addis, Head of Client Relations at East London Business Place

 I asked Morton to provide me with perspective while working to turn an idea into a business plan. Over the course of a year we met on occasion and he in turn asked questions that resulted in much greater clarity and focus. 
I’m grateful to him for serving as a great source of guidance, accomplished primarily through great questions. Karl Schultz, Executive Chairman at The Higher Ground Foundation.

Morton is a great communicator with impeccable insight to business. His advice and support have been invaluable to our business. Seyi Clement,Publisher/Editor – Law Digest

What struck me the most about this workshop was being able to understand the value from the client’s perspective, and the client’s value is what they stood to lose if they did not work with us. .He challenged the way in which I present my fees, the work that we do and more importantly the benefits the client receives from working with us.  Seema Sharma: Dentabyte

I had the privilege of working with Morton this past summer. He is empathetic, honest, trustworthy, creative and knows when to push at the right time. What I valued most was that Morton starts and ends with the premise that we all have the answers we are looking for within us and this proved to be 100% correct. He helped me figure out the tools I already had to get clear on my personal and professional vision and create a great plan for achieving them. He is fun, easy to work with and is an extremely skilled coach. I would recommend him without a second thought and look forward to working with him in the future.  
Shonali Sashikant, Consultant