What should I do instead?

So many times in life after the fact you feel you could have done better. It’s like when you speak to someone, and after the conversation, you think I wish I said this or I should have said that. Hindsight can be a beautiful thing.

However, in the early hours of the morning, several points popped into my mind, which I shall call my ‘Insteads’.


Instead of just turning up at a meeting, research the business, look at their LinkedIn profile, website or anything else you can find and prepare your questions in advance. From that think of 5 challenges that person or organisation are facing and turn them into questions. They will be impressed by your knowledge and understanding. Participants at my workshop after one day walk away with the ability to know the key questions to ask. Take a notebook, be present and listen. Don’t rush to talk about yourself or your services.


Instead of just sending off a price list or quoting a fee when an enquiry comes in, call or email the prospect and ask some more questions. What is it you are trying to achieve? Why now?   This will separate you from just being another supplier who just sends in a quote. They may resist having the request but ask. Make a note of when you will follow up and don’t wait for them to call you.


Instead of giving one price when quoting for your services – provide options. Providing options creates a series of ‘yeses’ and presents the opportunity to the prospect of which one should I select as opposed to a yes or no.


Instead of offering a discount at the first objection or when the client says that’s expensive, ask the prospect, what would you like me to remove to meet your price range?


Instead of refusing to apologise when you are wrong, say sorry. Quite often, that is all the person needs.


Instead of being stubborn and blaming others, look at the part you played and accept responsibility.


Instead of saying no – try saying yes and see what happens. The new experience may be enlightening.