Do You Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like?

“If you could confidently articulate the value of your services.”

“If you could demonstrate the measured value, you deliver.”

“If you could be comfortable with the fees you charge.”

“If you could attract more quality clients to your business?”

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

If you're a coach or consultant, you'll relate to this.

You don't know how to place a value on your service and probably struggle with articulating your value.

This is nothing to do with your experience, ability or knowledge. It's down to your beliefs, a lack of confidence, and not having a system, a dangerous combination that limits your earnings.

But this is a problem you can solve.

When you change your business mindset, you can break through the limit you have on your earnings and growing your business. This isn't easy to do without help. And why I'm running a seven-week Value Program. I’ll show you how to change your fee structure, win more and better clients, and boost your profits.

Over the years, clients have told me that one of their biggest worries is– how much do I charge? And how do I communicate my value? I’ve helped clients to increase their income and awareness of their value. And I’m going to share these secrets with you.


Working with Morton helped me streamline my services so I could focus on my key areas of strength. He boosted my confidence by making me understand how much I pack into what I offer and focus on the great results I have helped my clients achieve over time. Had I not engaged Morton, I probably will still be undervaluing and undercharging for my services. I now attract the clients I want to work with and able to offer my services at a fee I deserve – Temi Koleowo – Innovation Consultant

What is The Know Your Value Group Action Program?

It is a seven-week intensive group coaching and training program. Learn how to increase your confidence and clarity, challenge your self-worth, attract ideal clients and feel comfortable raising your fees.

Who is it for?

It is for Consultants and Coaches.

How does it work?

It is a practical program that makes it easy to apply what you have learned

1. There are seven 90 – minute group training sessions via Zoom every week
2. One 1-2-1 private coaching and strategy session
3. Assignments after the session to implement actual strategies learned
4. Accountability and reporting

Here’s what you gain from attending the program:

1. How to increase your fees and your profits
2. Learn and practice the powerful questions you should ask in any sales conversation
3. Identify the value you provide and be able to articulate it.
4. Recognise your worth, boost your confidence, and credibility
5. Avoid customers whose only consideration is cost
6. Attract customers who focus on quality and results and happy to pay your fee.
7. Identify the limiting beliefs holding you back from having more success
8. Grow in confidence

Shazia’s testimonial

When does the program begin?

The starting date for the program will be Wednesday, 17th March 2021.

1. All of the group sessions will be at 6pm

2. There will be recordings of all the sessions.

How do you join the program?

There are limited spaces available.

If you have any questions about the programme not covered above, please fill in the form below or send an email to