Ask Morton - The Value of a Conversation

Working independently or being the owner of a small business can be a lonely journey and sometimes it is useful to have an independent ear to talk to even if it’s just to get a different perspective.

The purpose of the Ask Morton service is to provide a safe, confidential space where you can discuss issues relating to your business and plan a way forward. At times this may be all that you need.  For instance, you may:

  1. Be traveling internationally to meet a high-profile client and want to develop a clear strategy and make the most of the trip.
  1. Be about to go into a negotiation  or about to have a difficult conversation with a client, employer or colleague and want to talk it over
  2. Be drafting a proposal and would like to get some feedback on:
    • The content and structure
    • When it would be timely to follow up and what to say
    • The disappearing prospect – should I call or wait?
    • How to package and price your options

These are just some of the scenarios that can and have arisen over the years as I have consulted with clients.

Here is how it works:

There are four levels, please see the table below. They are all available throughout the year:

  1. Basic level – just calls
  2. Green level – you can choose any 2 workshops
  3. Blue level – you can choose any 4 workshops
  4. Brown level – you can choose from any of the half-day and also the full day Value Pricing workshop
  5. Sessions are via phone, skype or Zoom per month
  6. All sessions are to be booked a minimum of 24hrs in advance through Ask Morton Online Calendar:
  7. Each individual session cannot be booked back to back
  8. You can cancel your membership anytime with 14 days’ notice