One day, my colleague walked into the office with a big smile as he had just purchased his fiancé’s engagement ring from Tiffany’s, the luxury jewellery and speciality retailer, recognised as the epitome of a luxury brand.

I listened in awe as he talked about his experience of shopping there. Tiffany’s was a shop I just walked past, as I never believed it was a shop for me because it was too expensive, and I felt intimidated.

He inspired me so much that I knew when I was ready, I would buy my partner’s engagement ring from Tiffany’s as well.

Sometime later, I was with a group of friends I have known for years, and during that evening, I mentioned that I planned to purchase my engagement ring from Tiffany’s.’

One of them commented, “how will you buy a Tiffany ring with Ratner’s money? ”

They all fell about laughing because we all knew what happened to Ratners. I felt embarrassed and humiliated and regretted opening my mouth to share my dream.

In the 90s, Ratner’s was the biggest jewellery group in the UK and was known for discounting and selling cheap jewellery.

The business collapsed when the chairman Gerald Ratner called his products “crap” during a speech he made to the Institute of Directors.

That night with their laughter in my ears, I realised they did not believe I could ever afford it. I was upset but became even more determined.

We started shopping for rings quite a while after that incident, but I always remember them laughing at me.

One evening, as we left Hatton Gardens, I suggested we pop into Tiffany’s; my cunning plan was to go there after we’d looked at all the shops she wanted to visit.

The sales assistant at Tiffany’s chatted with us and listened carefully to my partner describe the ring she wanted. She chose one ring from the display while discreetly showing me the price.

It was a Tiffany price, alright!

My partner’s emotions changed the moment she put the ring on. She said, “Mort, this is it.”

She had tried many rings before, but none had created this strong emotional reaction. The sales assistant came round and hugged her. That was definitely a girlie moment.

I bought my wife’s engagement ring and our wedding bands from Tiffany’s.

Our experience at Tiffany’s was on another level. The quality and amazing customer service were memorable. The other shops were great, but this was exceptional.

I’ve learned that you cannot share your dreams with everyone. Sometimes, those closest to you can undermine and discourage you from what lies deep within your heart.

People may not laugh but tell you that you cannot go for what you want, change your career, the type of clients you work with or end a relationship, and this is based on their fears, beliefs and view of the world.

Don’t give them that power.

Hold tight to your dreams and believe in yourself because it is your responsibility and yours alone to achieve what you truly want in life.