I’ve been watching Arnold Schwarzenegger’s documentary on Netflix – “Arnold.” It’s a good watch.

He’s a passionate advocate of visualising your way to success, and he said, ‘My whole life, I had this unusual talent that I could see things very clearly in front of me, and if I can see it, then it must be achievable. ”

One particular comment struck me, and I wanted to share it. His first movie, “Hercules in New York,” failed miserably, and for 5 years, there was no offer for anything. He did not get a role for 5 years.

The interviewer in the documentary asked. “Why didn’t you give up when you didn’t get an acting role for 5 years?”

Arnold said, “My vision didn’t talk about giving up; it talked about climbing that mountain.”Amazing.

It’s the same with any endeavour in our personal or business life. It starts with a dream in your mind and then taking the steps and committing to fulfilling it.

When we are truly definite, giving up is not an option, and to use Arnie’s words; you’re then at the stage where your vision only considers achieving your goal and nothing else.