Know your value

What is it?

This unique training programme has been designed specifically for SME business owners/service professionals who are experiencing that ‘stuck’ feeling.

If you’re feeling stuck running a business that isn’t growing, and you can tick one or more of the following boxes, undertaking this training programme will help your business grow:

  • You’d like to charge more for your services
  • You’d like your staff to be more confident and understand the value of the service they provide
  • You’d like some accountability and a strategy to help you stay focused
  • You’d like to develop a sense of clarity about your business and where it’s going
  • You’d like greater confidence in meetings and how it progresses
  • You’d like t increase your win rate when you submit proposal

How is it different from other business training courses?

As well as helping you to win more business, this 6-week intensive training programme will also teach you lots about areas of your business that you probably never even considered before:

  • Review the direction of your business
  • Gain clarity about your future direction
  • Reduce isolation & increase collaboration
  • Recognise your value and win more business
  • Increase your confidence in submitting proposals
  • Review your marketing strategy
  • Attend dynamic workshops on a range of practical subjects:
    • ‘Recognising your true value’
    • ‘Charging what you know you’re worth’
    • ‘How to get the best from you and your team’

What will I get?

This intensive training programme delivers 4 key outputs that are invaluable to your business:

  • A strategy that’s built about clarity and positioning

At the end of this programme, you will be clear about who you work with, the real challenges your clients face, and how you can help them solve their specific problems.

  • A plan to outsmart your competitors
    For any business, true value lies in delivering services and customer experiences that are unique to you – and to your customer. This programme will teach you how to stand out from the crowd and add value that customers will be happy to pay for.
  • How to get the best out of yourself and your team

This programme is designed to help you to understand (we mean really understand), not only what drives you, but what motivates your team.

  • Knowing your value
    Finally, we explore, in detail, how you engage with both existing and potential, clients, we examine how successful you are at selling your services; this involves helping you to understand whether you’re stuck in the same old process, or you really are giving your customer the value you believe you are.

If you think this programme is for you, why not sign up for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION “Grow your business and know your value strategy session”