As an Independent or solo business owner, you’ll have many business issues to address, and one of them is how to price your services without loosing potential business with existing clients or be seen as too expensive by prospective clients.

It is disheartening to undercharge for your services especially when you know that you add tremendous value.

We help you to understand your value; and that your client is not buying your time, but your ability and expertise in helping them to achieve their goals.

That’s why we offer a range of bespoke solutions designed around your needs.

The Know Your Value program is a seven-week intensive group coaching and training program, where you will learn about your value (the difference you make), how to increase your confidence, attract your ideal clients and feel comfortable raising your fees.

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If you can get things done on your own but recognise the benefit of being held accountable, then one-to-one coaching could be exactly what you need. Why not arrange a one-to-one consultation to talk through your needs.

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Packaging and Pricing your services allows clients to see the value of your services relative to their budget and needs. It differentiates you from your competition, helps you to break away from charging by the hour and can double your profits.

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Learn how to boost your confidence, building rapport and how to get to the heart of your client's challenges.

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"Articulating value Morton met me when I was a graphic designer and consultant struggling with clients mistaking me for, or treating me as, a contract freelancer.


Morton guided me through a process of analysing, articulating and questioning that’s resulted in a much clearer understanding of the service I offer and at what level it should be pitched.


Morton’s service is exceptional. Morton works from the business owner outwards and on behaviours, not policies. that was exactly what I needed."

— Lydia Thornley