Creating a Clear Offer of Your Services

Frequently with small business owners a long list of services is offered with no clear structure and this can be confusing to prospective clients as they may not be entirely clear about your positioning. Some of the points below may resonate

  • You have been running your business for a number of years, with a mixture of services but no clear idea on how to package them
  • You want to be in a place to confidently present your services to clients so that they really understand what is being offered
  • You want to dispel the discomfort of know knowing what to say when in front of a client
  • You want to stop undercharging for what you do and get some sense of order around what you are offering so everyone is clear
  • Be even more confident in your marketing and networking as you will be able to talk about your services much more clearly

One of the best ways to solve this problem is to create a suite of packages of your services.

Outlined below you will find a brief guide of what is on offer. We would need to have a more detailed discussion to understand if I am best place to help you.

 What’s included?

  • A initial consultation where we sit and look at your goals, the type of clients you work with, their problems and the value you add
  • This is followed by 2 days intensive coaching session working on creating a clear outline of your packages. This will be at your offices where we will sit down together and come out with a full range of your services that you can present
  • After the session we would have a post coaching meeting to review your progress

If you would like to find out more about this and have a no-obligation chat, please send an email to