Small Firms

How can you grow your business when you don’t recognise your value and understand the impact of your intervention. Are you leaving money on the table and unclear about where your business is going?

Is it time to develop a clear plan of action as well as a review of your pricing strategies?  Are you concerned that you and your team are leaving money on the table by overdelivering for existing clients and due to familiarity do not have the  courage to charge the right fees.

Have a look at our solutions to see which one meets your needs.

Developing a clear plan of your future

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there is a common phrase. You are an established business but your buyers have changed and so is the market. There are opportunities but you are unsure as to how to capitalise on them and which ones to let go.

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Grow your business and know your value’ is a 6-month programme for professional service firm, managers and senior managers and business owners. And because it’s practical and 100% results focused, it will help to grow your business.

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"Before meeting Morton, we had been in a plateau for a few years - our turnover had remained around the same along with our profits for several years, despite working through a number of strategies to increase both.


Before starting this journey, we wanted to develop a growth plan and focus on building the company. Through the work we have done together, Morton has helped to understand our value which has led to a more strategic approach to our business.


By understanding our own value, we are able to add value to our clients and provide a better service to them. Without Morton we would not have the understanding of ourselves and therefore our clients that we now do. His work has been invaluable. Morton’s work with us has had a significant financial impact. By analysing our bottom line and approach, we have increased our turnover and profits over the last year which is fundamental to our continued success. Our team has widened, our clients are happier with our approach and most importantly we are growing as a company with a motivated team."

— Andrew Harrison, MD-Clockwise