One of my childhood memories was the poems my dad recited around the house. I gained my love of books and reading from him.

Strangely, the poem “Victory” by Herbert Kauffmann popped into my mind today, and I thought it very apt as we start the new year.

You are the man who used to boast,
That you’d achieve the uttermost, Some day.
You merely wished a show, To demonstrate how much you know
And prove the distance you can go….
Another year we’ve just passed through.
What new ideas came to you?
How many big things did you do?
Time … left twelve fresh months in your care
How many of them did you share
With opportunity and dare
Again where you so often missed?
We do not find you on the list of Makers Good.
Explain the fact! Ah no, ’twas not the chance you lacked!
As usual—you failed to act!”

Powerful, isn’t it?

It’s amazing what we remember from childhood; learning never stops, and each new year brings an opportunity to learn even more.

This is a great poem to review during and at the end of the year.

I wish you all the best for these fresh 12 months left in your care.