Do you know how much you have improved your client’s situation? And by that, I mean, are you clear about the difference your service has made?

I’ve been asking this question recently, and most people struggle to answer it, “I don’t know,” “I’ve never asked that question,” are some of the responses.

Value is determined by how much the client’s situation has improved. It is not your method or new innovative process but an agreed understanding of the result.

In my view, an essential element in understanding how you improve your client’s situation is by focusing on :

1) The customer experience, understanding what an improved situation looks like, agreeing on how you measure success and checking in to see if you meet those expectations.

This is why the initial sales conversation is so important, as it is an opportunity to listen and understand what the customer needs.

2) Doing regular check-ins and taking time out to ask. From my experience, regular check-ins are not done enough. People are too scared or too engrossed in delivery.

For example – “since we started working together, this is what we agreed; how much do you feel this is in line with what you were expecting”? ‘How can we be better”? Have you been able to apply any of what we have done together?

3) Creating A “Success Log” of outcomes achieved on the project. We often don’t have the discipline to do this, but it is advantageous when you need to conduct any client reviews to see the impact of your work.

4) Ask for testimonials – avoid doing this after completing the project, as there is nothing worse than having to chase clients for a testimonial or a review after the contract is over, and the longer this is left, the harder it becomes – and the less they can attribute the difference you made.

You may be amazed by what they say; often, I would get, Morton, you wouldn’t believe what has happened since I attended your course or since we had those sessions. I am feeling more and more confident to ask for what I want and clearer about my value.”

I love hearing those stories. They are very reassuring.

Someone said to me recently, WIFI (what’s in it for me) is the mantra he frequently speaks to himself whenever he’s with a client. He said, “I keep everything focused on ensuring that they are getting what they want.”

And so let me leave you with this – what would it be like as you walked away from your client? Do you know the difference you’ve made and how they are better off?