Positioning is paramount.

In their timeless masterpiece, ‘Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind,’ Al Ries and Jack Trout introduce the concept of ‘Cherchez le Creneau,’ which essentially means seeking and occupying a unique space – the space in your customer’s minds that defines what your brand stands for.

The critical aspect to grasp here is that once that mental space is occupied, it becomes challenging to alter that perception.

To illustrate, no matter how superbly crafted Lexus vehicles are, they will never be perceived as equivalent to a Rolls Royce because the mental space – our perception – for both these brands is already firmly established.

The real question is, what space have you successfully occupied in the minds of your customers?

Do you know?

The space you believe your business fills may need to align with what your customers perceive. This is why conducting regular surveys is so important.

It helps ensure that the position you’ve carved out in your customers’ minds is what you intended.

Getting Your brand’s positioning right is essential for effectively communicating what you do and what you stand for.

So, what space are you occupying in the minds of your customers?