When lockdown started, a friend who is a personal trainer started classes on Zoom. They were £5 per week (per household) for 3 * 30 min sessions. In light of the circumstances, I thought he was very proactive.

It was a great deal, but I questioned its sustainability in the long run. I thought the price was more about what he thought we could afford as opposed to what we would be willing to pay. I would have paid £10.00 because the ‘value’ was keeping active mentally and physically during what ended up being a very challenging time.

In June the prices went up to £10.00, which would have been my starting point.

Last week he said the sessions would end on the 28th August because the numbers were too low. However, I thought, I’m enjoying this; maybe there are a few die-hards who would like to continue and even pay more to make this happen as it would be a shame to stop completely.

I suggested that he asked the group if they would pay more for it to continue – mainly to illicit whom the die-hards were. Maybe £15. He listened and asked, would you pay that Mort? And I said yes.

I believe the customer has often made a decision long before they have spoken to you about whether they will buy or not.

The next step would be to actually ask and see who would be interested and also discuss the new price. He said I don’t know if they would pay it.

Have you asked? He said, No.

He went on to say, “thinking about it, I’m happy with £10 per week; I just need a specific number every week” Now he has gone backwards when I’ve already said I would pay more.

Why do we make decisions for our customers about what they can or cannot afford?

Mainly during COVID, there has been the belief by many that ‘no one” is buying anything. That is not the case, as it’s our own beliefs that has shaped that reality.

If you take the opportunity to talk about your prices as casually as you do everything else, then the price will not be an issue. Just speak as if you are having a normal conversation without the visual or tonal discomfort, and it will probably turn out ok.

Until we meet.