James Timpson, the CEO of Timpson Group, gives extra paid days off to colleagues to celebrate significant moments like birthdays, a pet bereavement or Granny and Grandpa day when you become a grandparent.

I think that is a fantastic way to value staff.

Adding value through unexpected gestures appeals to our emotions and can be the secret weapon that builds customer loyalty or make staff more loyal and hardworking.

I will never forget the calendar the photographer
gave us with a selection of our wedding pictures. We did not expect it, but it was a fabulous touch.

Over Easter, a friend sent a picture of a handwritten letter I had sent her 15 years ago for Christmas instead of a card. She said it was one of the best gifts she’d ever received.

Imagine building your business where the focus is not on how many clients you intend to get this hear or the revenue you will generate, but focusing instead on – how can we add value?

John Maxwell, the pastor and speaker and leadership expert, says every day:
1: Add value to others
2: Look forward to adding value to others
3: Think of ways you can add value to others
4: Do things to add value to others
5: Encourage others to add value to people

I like this and have started to apply it already, over time we will see if this approach makes a difference to my bottom line.

How could you add value today?