You never know when you’ve left your mark and how your gift to someone will come back and benefit you.

Years ago, I attended an intensive business boot camp, and the most memorable exercise during the weekend was learning how to package your services.

I loved the concept and its simplicity.

At that time, I was working as a Business Adviser where the advice and training we provided were free. But, after the boot camp, I decided I was only going to share it with my fee-paying clients.

In true serendipity, I mentioned the event to a friend and shared my thoughts. She said something to me that changed my life and philosophy, and I will forever be grateful.

“If you show the non-paying clients now how to use it in their business, they will attribute their success to you. If you don’t, no one will ever know.”

I shared it. The more clients benefited – through how they sold their services, happy clients and increased sales, the better I became at understanding and applying the model, and the more they attributed it to me.

This applies to life in general. If you decide not to give or share for whatever reason, and keep it all to yourself, no one benefits, not even you.

Never be afraid to share your knowledge or your gifts. The value may come back in more ways than you could ever imagine and never from the places you expect.