The phrase “charge your worth” is often used, but I’ve realised that no one cares about paying you what you think you’re worth.

In the end, we are inherently selfish beings, and clients are primarily interested in how much you can improve their situation and help them achieve their desired future.

What you believe you’re worth is irrelevant to them.

The focus must be on ensuring that your client or prospect feels understood and recognises that you, with your unique skills and expertise, can help them. This understanding is key to successful client relationships and value-based pricing.

I agree with Ron Baker and Paul Dunn’s perspective in Time’s Up. They assert, “A key metric for a professional services firm now is not their revenue or profit; it is the revenue or profits that they are helping to produce for others.”

This shifts the focus from self-worth to the tangible value you bring to your clients.

Charging what you think you’re worth isn’t the goal; demonstrating your value and how it benefits your clients should be the goal.

Clients who see and experience this value are more likely to pay what you’re asking, leading to mutually beneficial relationships and financial success.

It’s about leading with value and the benefits you bring, and then the financial rewards will follow. It’s not the other way around.