Imagine how you would feel after spending an entire day reviewing, considering, and planning your business’s next stage.

It’s not a luxury. It’s a gift you give to yourself and your business. How would that feel?

Would you leave that meeting with a skip in your step, excited about your future?

My intention with clients during our strategy review day is to:

✳️ Create a safe space for open conversation

✳️ Discuss challenges with growing a team

✳️ Listen and ask questions

✳️ Push back when necessary

✳️ Look at options

✳️ Engage in critical thinking and allow the creative solutions to evolve

✳️ Review the growth map – the wins, near misses and improvements.

✳️ Plan a way forward.

What I know for sure is that my role during any strategy review day is to facilitate, not provide the answers, as I will never know my client’s business as well as they do.

The strategic review day is an exclusive and privileged opportunity, a golden moment to pause, contemplate, and strategise about your business’s future.

Before meetings, I ask what would contribute to the day’s success and frame the discussion so clients get maximum value from giving up their time and attending.

Your active participation and engagement are not only encouraged; they are crucial to the success of the strategic review day. Your insights and experiences make this event truly valuable.

Here’s what a client had to say after our strategy review day recently:

“I look forward to the opportunity to stop and reflect on the business while planning for the future. Thanks for creating a safe space for me to express my vulnerabilities as a leader and for your support and guidance.

I’m truly excited about the next steps in our journey and am looking forward to updating you on our progress.”

If you’re a founder or consultant in the process of scaling your business and you understand the value of taking a step back, discussing, and planning, this strategic review day is a must.

It’s in a prime location in central London, offering an uninterrupted, safe, and serene space in fabulous surroundings. Lunch is included.

What’s not to like?