Sometimes at the end of a meeting, you are unsure if it has been a valuable use of time on both sides and if the client has gained any value from the session.

Here’s a question you can ask that would let you know immediately the impact of your intervention. I often leave this to the very end:

“Out of all the things we’ve discussed today, what stood out the most for you?”

It’s a powerful question.

Do not expand on the question, give them time to answer. I go quiet:

Slowly but surely, they respond with answers like:
1) “I feel much more confident about the next steps.”
2) “When we discussed that point, it encouraged me to look at what has been in the way of scaling this business.”
3)”Talking has cleared my mind, specifically, how to handle that situation.

The value of asking this question is that It focuses their mind on how they have benefited and reinforces your value because they tell you what has worked.

It’s fantastic feedback and can be used in coaching sessions, client meetings, and discovery sessions. You don’t have to make up the reasons; they will tell you.

I have used this question in meetings and facilitations and found it very effective.

Try it