Having delivered workshops for several years, I realised that there was one element often overlooked but critically important, and that is beliefs.

Many years ago, I used to deliver Tendering workshops, taking the participants through the process of how to win contracts with the Local government.

They would pay rapt attention, ask many questions, go home and do nothing.

I realised that I had to unpack their beliefs first, before showing them the step-by-step strategies of how to win business.

That is because there was always a reason or limiting belief in the way of them applying the training or guidance they have received. Here are some of the reasons:

· We need more experience.

· I don’t feel I’m good enough.

· I am petrified to apply any of the things I have learned.

· I may be rejected

· What if I win it then I may have to work hard, and they may realise I am not that good.

· I am not quite ready

· We will not win the contract or get the job anyway.

· They would not award the contract to someone like me or us.

The list is endless

It is important to be able to notice these behaviours when they show up, and that is why I believe that training should have include a mindset element.

If you are a manager and your teams are not performing or making sales calls – despite attending the training courses, there is a belief issue.

if you are a health coach, working with a client who wants to lose weight or get their health back on track, an essential part would be to look at what they believe about themselves or their health.

If you are helping someone to get back into work after redundancy or illness etc. and your support is around CV and interview preparation – you must address their beliefs about themselves and their skills – first.

You will find that if you can understand what is keeping them stuck or impeding their behaviour, then they will fly.

There is always a belief driving the behaviour.

Until we meet.