Kevin Hart the comedian talks about going out with his celebrity friends and not being able to keep up with them financially. He fires a warning by saying stay in your financial lane.

We engaged a plasterer to do the ceiling in our kitchen this last week. He was professional and very personable and as you do when a builder comes around you find other things for them to do. In this case, it was to change the lighting in the kitchen and some additional work in the bathroom.

Here’s what happened because he did not stay in his lane. He blew the light switch for the kitchen and had to engage an electrician to come in and fix it which took the electrician 25 mins to repair everything and reduced his profits.

The work in the bathroom was completed but not to a very high standard. His work as a plasterer was excellent but not the rest.

Quite often when you start working with a client it is not uncommon that as you get to understand their business more opportunities begin to appear, which may not be your core specialty, but for a myriad of reasons you say yes.

I would say that unless you have a degree of proficiency in that area, think carefully before saying yes. The increase in income may be alluring but you may end up losing in the end.

I think that staying in your lane increases your credibility and sets clear boundaries because you are clear on what you do really well and so is your client.

Be very careful when you say yes as you may end up losing the advantage you have created – stay in your lane.

Have you ever decided not to stay in your lane and what was the result?