How often have you been asked to provide a quote and give just one price?

Several years ago, I submitted a proposal to a potential client; she thanked me, saying “the options you have presented are great; however, we cannot afford this. ”

Her responding was a good sign as some prospects disappear faster than a genie after you’ve sent the proposal.

I suggested we have another meeting.

During the meeting, I mentioned that we could reduce the modules if they could not afford the fee.

But the thought that occurred to me that let her decide what they can afford it proved to be a wise decision.

With every module that she removed, she expressed why they were not necessary and which modules met her needs at the time.

I learned a valuable lesson that day, provide options and spend time understanding what is important to them – their needs. If I’d presented one price in my proposal, there was nowhere for her to go but yes or no.

This is where packaging your services comes in. It ensures that clients understand the full range of your services and the different ways you can help them within their budget.

The problem is that many small business owners, often decide the price they believe the prospect can afford to pay and do not offer packages, they submit just one price.

If you think of air travel, everyone wants to travel safely and get to their destination, but the different packages meet our psychological needs.

An economy passengers need is probably constrained by budget and the desire to just get there, but as you move from premium economy to first class, airlines charge more and provide different experiences even though the destination is the same.

So, when you have an opportunity to offer your services, provide a series of options rather than simply offering one price.

In my view, the root of providing an excellent customer experience is listening and understanding the needs of your prospect. You can know what their problems are but emotions drive decisions. Asking the right questions plays a crucial part here as it allows them to choose the option that best serves them