Have you identified your value?

As a successful business owner, you may have noticed this: 

Over the years it’s become increasingly difficult to manage your own value.  That’s a challenge, as it can make you unclear on the right direction for your business and will almost certainly restrict profit.    

When you don’t deal with value properly, you can lose confidence when making decisions. Also, it can put you on thback foot in sales negotiations, so your prospect gets what they want – but you don’t.

Does that sound a bit like you? 

The fact is that most business owners struggle in some way to deal with their value. 

My new ‘Value Group Programme’ tackles this challenge – it’s a 7-week course that shows you how to understand and manage your value.   

Over the seven weeks, you’ll discover newfound confidence and appreciation of your own value and learn how to articulate it to your potential clients.  

This enables you to: 

  • Stop undervaluing yourself 
  • Stop giving away more of your time and expertise than you’re charging for  
  • Ask better questions during sales conversations 
  • Stop selling yourself short in client meetings  

Result – you win more business, with better clients, and make more money. 

But, let me be clear, this course is not for everyone. You must be an established business owner in professional services – not a start-up – and either be working solo, or with a small team.   

To make sure you’re the right fit, I invite you to join me on a call where we can talk through your business and the challenges you face. 

There’s no cost and no obligation to buy – it’s a free discovery call.  

Even if you, or I, decide the course isn’t right for you, what you learn during this call alone will help you recognise the value you offer and improve your business mindset. 

So, you have nothing to lose by speaking to me – and much to gain. 


However, I’m sure you want to know more about the course itself. 

Over the seven weeks, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Confidently ask for – and secure – higher fees 
  • Ask questions in sales meetings that build rapport and show the prospect you understand and are interested in their problems 
  • Submit sales proposals that have a greater chance of being accepted   
  • Price and package your service in a way that’s attractive to prospects  
  • Handle objections confidently, so you can politely but firmly push back to a client and reach a position where you’re both satisfied  
  • Clearly see and communicate the value of your service and the difference you can make, giving you more confidence and strength 
  • Develop a stronger mindset by understanding your value and worth as a professional 
  • Set boundaries and stop them being crossed. 

The format for this course is seven 90–minute group training sessions (one every Wednesday at 6 pm via Zoom. During each session, we concentrate on a particular aspect of managing your value. This is accompanied by a weekly assignment, which helps you practice and bed in what you’ve learnt.   

You also receive a one-to-one private coaching and strategy session with me during the course, where we dig deeper into your specific challenges and how to overcome them.  

The course begins in November on Nov 17th, so you must act quickly. Only 8 places are available and demand is high.  


After you’ve been on the course, the impact on your business will be positive, profound and lasting. 

Not sure I can help you?  

Here’s some more about me: 

As a consultant, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners in professional services to understand and communicate the value of their work – resulting in more contracts and increased fees and profits. Before that, I had a successful stint in consultancy with Ernst & Young and subsequently ran my own business.  

Yes, I’ve made mistakes in my career, but I learnt from them – and now I use my decades of knowledge to help others overcome the challenges they face in business. 

Here’s what three of my clients say about me:  

“In a crowded market of generic business support, Morton’s service is exceptional. Morton works from the business owner outwards and on behaviours, not policies. As a creative sector microbusiness, that was exactly what I needed.” Lydia Thornley – Designer and Creative Director 

“Within the first half an hour of speaking with Morton I was feeling far more confident about my pricing and packing strategy – indeed, about my own value. Morton employed a fantastic technique that didn’t make me feel pressured at all. I was so very, very impressed. Not only that, he’s a lovely person to deal with. Highly recommended.” Pam Case – LinkedIn Lead Generation Coach 

“I would highly recommend any freelance or business owner spend some time with Morton on re-evaluating their pricing strategy and value offering. I was able to secure the deal without even entering into negotiation. Morton is a fabulous business mentor.” Andy Harrison, Founder – Clockwise Film 

These are testimonials from just some of the many people my coaching has helped.  

But when you buy into this course you get all my expertise at a much lower cost than working one to one. 

This is your chance to tap into my years of experience and transform your business. 

Don’t forget – there are only 8 places available and it’s essential that we talk before you secure your slot. Both you and I need to know that you’re the right fit for this course.  

I only work with people who I’m 100% convinced I can help.  

Could that be you? 

If you have the slightest inkling it is, then book your free call. 

Book a call now, while this is on your mind – it could be the most profitable decision you ever make.