Building and maintaining a client’s trust is the backbone of any relationship  be it business, or professional.

1. Compromise confidentiality or mishandling sensitive information 🔍
2. Talking about the client behind their back or taking sides 🤐

3. Not listening to concerns, questions, or unhappiness with your work. 🙉

4. Missing an important deadline – unless there is an absolute emergency, avoid this at all costs. Its better to ask for an extension. A forthright client may tell you straight, and another may passively say it is okay when it isn’t, but your credibility will be shot, and they will quietly go elsewhere. ⏰

5. Failure to communicate or provide regular updates or timely responses. 📅

6. Delivering substandard work – poor attention to details -grammar, calculations, presentations 📉

In any relationship, the more you’re trusted, the safer your client will feel asking for and valuing your advice even if they don’t follow it. 🌟

In our personal or professional lives, once the trust is gone, it is difficult – not impossible – to return from it. Relationships have been destroyed because of a violation of trust. 💔