We went on holiday to Cyprus and stayed in a nice hotel that shall remain nameless.

A couple of days before the end of our stay, they had to close due to Covid and assured us that we would be moved to another hotel of similar standing. Ours was five stars, the hotel we moved to was not.

From the moment we arrived, I wanted to leave. It did not feel the same, and neither was the standard or our experience.

I contacted the agent to say we were unhappy, but they were not helpful. I could not shift the feeling that I did not like the hotel and resolved that I would not stay another minute.
But then the doubts set in:
• It’s only for two nights, you’re going home soon
• Don’t make a fuss
• Who do you think you are?
• No one else is complaining – as several of us were moved there.

Often in life, we settle when deep down we’re unhappy and accept things that we should not. This is often because of what others might think and it happens in our personal and business relationships. For instance:

• You don’t like your purchase but failed to return it
• You should have asked to be moved from the seat you don’t
like which spoiled your enjoyment of the event
• A client consistently pays late and you have to chase them for
payment but you don’t address it
• You accepted a service that was unsatisfactory but feel
uncomfortable addressing it.

I found an alternative hotel at my own cost, and the next morning, we moved.

The new hotel was fabulous, gave us tremendous joy, and really topped off the remainder of our trip.

Sometimes we choose not to speak up and vote with our feet and wallet, staying silently disgruntled, complaining to others, eroding our sense of value, accepting the situation unnecessarily, just because…

Here’s the thing, if it does not feel right and you’re not happy, don’t question your feelings as to whether you should feel that way, go and ask for what gives you joy.

You deserve it.