A friend died of colon cancer and complications recently. We worked together years ago, and whenever I bumped into him, I promised to get in touch to meet for a drink.

Two years ago, we met once again by accident and as usual, we greeted each other warmly; once again, I said we should meet up – he said you’re always saying that, but it never happens. That comment stayed with me.

Spurned by being called out, I attempted to arrange for us and another mutual friend to meet. In reflection, neither of us tried hard enough.

When I heard he had passed, I was distraught as with death comes a finality that you can never correct that wrong, and I will never have that opportunity.

As sad as it was, the gift he left me with was to look at myself, where and how often I make promises to friends and break them.

Not often when I really think about it, as I’m not that flaky, but his death made me think, who else have I been meaning to see or call that I’m just too busy or don’t make the time?

I looked at my address book and called one such friend on Sunday. She said, “Mort, Sundays are my relaxation day, but when I saw your name, I knew I had to answer the call.”

We had a lovely brief chat and agreed to meet up in September with another mutual friend of ours.

Life is genuinely uncertain. Last night I had another friend say he had a prostate cancer diagnosis but was thankful they caught it early.

I have resolved to call and chat with all who cross my mind and to be present with all my friends and family because when you’re gone, you’re gone.

Who will you check in with this week?

Whom have you been meaning to call? Is it time to move them up the priority list and call to say hi?