What would happen if you took sick today or next week?

Would your business continue seamlessly without you, or would that be a cause for concern, as you don’t have anything in place?

Who would handle your meetings and or deliver your sessions?

Handling this kind of scenario is much easier for big corporations, but medium-sized to solo practitioners don’t always have everything they need to have in place.

I’ll be writing about what you need to have in place for your business – what I call your business contingency document – but in my view, your personal affairs come before your business affairs.

Several years ago, I read an article about creating a legacy drawer with all your wishes and relevant information, which I call my legacy document.

Let’s be clear: it is not a will or a legally binding document. It’s simply a document of your wishes and where to find things, and it can be helpful if you are sick.

For Wills, etc., contact an expert; without one, a lot of pain, disappointment and confusion can arise.

My legacy document is a password-protected document which outlines everything:
✳️ Letters to my family
✳️ Funeral wishes, should that moment come
✳️ Tax return details
✳️ Financial details – Bank details and passwords
✳️ Password to social media accounts because it can be a nightmare to get access to them
✳️ Insurance policies etc

Now, this may seem morbid, but I have seen the difference between friends or family who have had things in place and those who haven’t

My friend’s mum had everything in a folder compared to a relative whose family was left scrambling around trying to find information, which added to the stress of the moment.

If there’s an unsuspecting illness or sad diagnosis, you’re putting things in place – just in case.

As always, it’s a judgement call.