My client has been running her business for over 13 years, and like many people who survived the covid pandemic, she plateaued.

She continued to use the same rate card, work with the same clients, and needed help to do something different.

Her competitors were moving forward, innovating and diversifying, but she was not. These are things that can cause you to be nervous as fear of missing out and being left behind was always at the forefront of her mind.

Here’s exactly what we did:

✳️ Looked at the roles and responsibilities of the other consultants in the business and positioned her to have more strategic conversations with the CEOs.

✳️ Implemented value-based fees and moved clients away from seeing them as just transactional providers.

✳️ Put in place – 18-month – 3-year goals with clear miles stones by developing a growth map.

✳️ Drafted proposals with options demonstrating increased value at a higher fee

✳️ Took her through my innovative Contrast Framework, which allowed her to demonstrate to her clients the value of her services compared to other major players in their industry.

✳️ Revamped her value proposition to meet the needs of each of her customer segments acutely

✳️ She increased her confidence in meetings and asking fees by more than 100%.

As for me, it has been a joy to see the transformation and growth in confidence in the value the business provides.

In a year, she will be astounded by the transformation of her business, which supports my belief that knowing your value is being confident in the assertion that clients continue to benefit from your intervention long after you’re gone.