How can you focus on the future when the present looks gloomy?

Listening to the news does not help as their primary focus is to sell bad news. A lockdown in the north of England is imminent.  There is a rule of 6 per household and wildfires in California and Oregon; all make it difficult to imagine a brighter future.

I asked a client this question today, and she said I am aware of what is happening but choose not to focus on it. I have a responsibility to control what comes into my personal space and mind and not fuel fear or negativity within my team or our working environment.

It is hard to think positively when bills are mounting, 60% of your business has disappeared, your job is not secure, or your home life is not harmonious.

COVID has forced all of us to review our lives and our businesses. Some will attempt to go back to how things were before, leaving their life, business and family at the mercy of someone else and others will seize the day.

The great thing about the human spirit is we soldier on, and the sheer innovativeness of how people have supported and shown a new level of love and support has been remarkable.

Even though the present is gloomy, we have to imagine a brighter future, otherwise what else is left.

I am one for practical optimism and believe that at some stage this too shall pass.

Until we meet.