I read this on Twitter today – don’t do hourly maths, do outcomes maths!


During my Know Your Value workshop, the participants discussed their tendency to focus on how long it will take to do the work and not the value of the outcome.

Let me give you an example,
One of the participants in my Know Your Value 6-week workshop is a Neurodiversity Expert, and she works with graduates and postgraduates with hidden health conditions – Dyslexia, Autism etc.,

The client engages her to work with these students to complete their studies. It can be challenging. Her focus is normally on the hours spent, assiduously completing timesheets to justify the time.

One particular student needed to complete her assignment within a short deadline but felt demotivated and on the verge of giving up. She focused on her client’s outcome rather than completing the session. They worked together; the student became motivated, focused less on her current condition and completed the assignments on time.

During my workshop, we discussed the importance of being able to identify and articulate your value.

The Neurodiversity expert was able to realise that as a consequence of her work, her student decided to continue with her studies, she felt less isolated and able to look into other areas of her life.

She is also now better placed to have different conversations not only with her existing client but far more importantly, with prospective clients when the time comes for negotiation.

Can you imagine the ‘value’ conversation you can have with a client if you focus your discussion on the objectives, the outcomes and transformation as a consequence of achieving the results: and the cost of not making a decision?

When you speak from this place of ‘value’ provided, it is a very different discussion. The clients are no longer focused on the hours spent.

You have to believe in the difference you make as no one is going to value you more than you value yourself or the results you provide.

You will never be worth more or charge more than you think you are worth, as it all starts with you.