Have you ever prepared for something and it bombed?

Well, last night, after weeks of planning, promoting, rehearsing and a healthy dose of anxiety, I delivered my very first “Value and Fees ” webinar on Zoom.

For some reason, my PowerPoint slides froze when I tried to share the document. I did not understand that it needed to be saved as a PDF for it to work successfully.

One of the participants suggested I restart. It still failed. At this time, my armpits were sweating, my head was throbbing, and if swearing were allowed, I would be doing a lot of it.

It was suggested that I do it without slides. I felt like I was drowning with a sea of faces looking at me. I’m an experienced speaker and facilitator. Put me on stage, with a microphone, I’m at home and raring to go.

But how do you handle adversity, when all the best-laid plans go awry? The show must go on, they say, and so I delivered the webinar anyway, without my crutch – my slides – very nervously to start.

I told stories, lots of them, I gave them exercises. It was a challenging experience, but I did it.

The monkey on my shoulder was having a field day, “See, I told you not to do any webinars, we’re not ready, stick to writing, where no one can see you.”

I’ll be doing it again in two weeks, and so if have you registered, I’ll send you that recording.

Have you ever prepared for something and it falls apart in front of your eyes?

Until we meet.