While engaging the services of a Solicitor, we agreed that he would review the background information regarding the matter and let me known his fees.

He called three times after our initial discussion  – even on a Sunday – for further clarification, and still, there was no mention of fees.

By our third conversation, I said “we have spoken several times, and I am still unclear as to how much this is going to cost, how much is it I asked frustratingly?

He was uncomfortable while we discussed his fees. It was much more than I expected, but I decided to proceed.

However, as my work is about ‘value,’ I was curious and asked why he delayed in providing the quote? He said, “I wanted to clarify a couple of things first, and I hate talking about all that money stuff.” By the tone of his voice, I could feel his discomfort over the phone.

From my experience, issues around money and fees are a value and self-worth issue. It undermines your position as a professional.

I am fully aware that the reason behind the procrastination in having the ‘fee’ discussion is because you are afraid you may lose the business and also feel uncomfortable talking about money.

Failing to discuss your fees confidently does not serve you and can give the impression that you lack confidence in yourself and the service you offer.

I stayed with him because he came highly recommended, but his reluctance made me unconsciously question his ability to represent me assertively. Could it be that if he comes up against an adversary with more senior experience and profile that he would instantly assume that the case is lost.   I have had that experience, but not on this occasion.

Why is it that some people can discuss fees  and money quite easily and others find it uncomfortable?