ow often do you get in touch with previous clients?

Are you on the marketing treadmill, constantly writing, advertising, and pushing to get new clients’ attention?

Have you been shortlisted in a bid but pipped to the post by a competitor?

Here is a suggestion: get in touch with previous clients, as they are a great source of repeat revenue.

Over the years, much of my repeat business has come from making ‘you crossed my mind’ calls.

I recall a client I consulted with several years before and decided to check in and suggested a coffee. He agreed. On my way, I considered two options:

1: Go in and sell my new services, hoping he might be interested.

2: Say nothing about me or what I am offering; just be curious about what is happening in his business and life and listen.

I decided on number 2.

I asked questions and listened genuinely about his business, family and everything else.

We had a long coffee.

After some time, he looked at me and asked, are you still consulting? Our conversation today has brought to the fore some things I need to address in my business.

We discussed what he wanted to do next, his business’s pains and challenges, and what a successful result would look like. I walked away with new business, and the fee was not an issue.

My experience has been that many businesses need to focus more on this area. They leave money on the table, spending time chasing new business when repeat business is in your lap. You’ve already proved yourself and delivered excellent results.

You may be:

A consultant who worked on a strategy or change management project, and you have yet to follow up to ask how did that project go?
Web designer/developer- you’ve developed or updated their site, and you could call and say, I’ve been looking at your site and recently read something which made me think of you.
A content writer – doing sales copy or LinkedIn profiles, for instance, but neglects following up after delivering the project, simply moving on to the next client.
Be curious; call or email and ask.

That is often a nice touch, and you don’t have to be selling anything.

Today, clients are more discerning, and technology, automation, and Ai innovations like (ChatGPT) are replacing mundane tasks; therefore, a more people-centred approach will be a differentiator.

That is how you build value-based relationships by taking an interest. Fees are less of an issue, and it’s an excellent way of building lifetime value with clients.

The secret for me has been to get in touch with no agenda. In fact, my only agenda is to keep that relationship going.

List five of your most recent projects and call, don’t text those clients; the conversations you can have are amazing.