A well-crafted proposal can differentiate between success and wasted time in today’s competitive business world.

If you are a seasoned professional or a newbie, understanding the intricacies of proposal writing is essential for winning new clients.

I want to introduce an approach that can save you time and ensure you craft a proposal that wins you the business or gets the buyer’s attention:

✳️ Create a service information document or a page on your website which clearly explains who you work with, how you work and the value you provide for clients.

✳️ When you receive an enquiry, have a quick soft touch 15-minute call to see if they’re a good fit – Are you the real buyer? How do you make decision and why now? etc.

✳️ Keep the conversation light and from that you will know if there is a next step.

✳️  Book your complimentary meeting and send your service information document, with a clear request that they read it before the meeting

✳️ Making this request is another qualification of their committment.

✳️ During the meeting – ask questions, listen, paraphrase – get them to talk – which should be more than you do

✳️ Talk about your offer and illustrate the results you have achieved with other clients

✳️ Agree on next steps and set a date for you both to review the proposal

✳️ Always submit your proposal with options and not just one fee. It should summarise your understanding of their situation and not be an exploration.

Every step is a form of  qualification, from the first 10-minute call to your complimentary conversation.  You should be asking yourself, are we a good fit?  Can I make a difference here?

Here’s the thing: you’ll never win them all. A critical step is the initial engagement and conversation.

Ask the uncomfortable questions and, most of all, for the business because you can have the best conversation but if you never ask, you’ll never know.

It’s not life or death; let it go and know you’ve done your best