Is it true?

And do you know with absolute certainty that it is true?
Two powerful questions can unpack firmly held beliefs often formed from experiences, our environment and conditioning.

I’ve worked in teams where team members’ beliefs have prevented them from expanding, entering new markets, and speaking to high-end clients.

Here are some well-known beliefs that you may be familiar with:

I need more experience –
So you pursue getting more qualifications or take another low-level job or low-paying client because you want to prove to yourself that you are good enough

That client is too big for us, or they’ll never work with a company like ours. –
I saw a client sabotage a meeting with a major entertainment company interested in their expertise but needed more self-esteem and belief in the value they could add.

The age-old classic – I’m too old or can never get a job in that area anymore, but the irony is you are never the right age.

As someone recently commented – “I have this nagging doubt in the back of my consciousness that I’m too old to compete for the really big assignments that I know I can produce. I believe the people in these positions of power and the competition for these jobs are at least 25 years younger than me.” So he’s limited his expectations and stays stuck and frustrated.

If I increase my rates, I’ll lose clients –
Is this actually true, and do you know with absolute certainty that you will lose them?
I’ve had numerous clients who had this fear but focused on helping the client to see the value of achieving the goal, and the increased fees were insignificant.

It will never work –
This is true, especially if you don’t make a move. Taking the first step is often an effective antidote to that belief.

I borrowed these questions from an excellent book, “The Work,” by Byron Katie.

But let me leave you with this question: How do you react when you believe that thought? Think about what you do when you think those thoughts – do you move forward or stand still?

Our beliefs are our greatest impediment to progress and can keep us stuck for years.

Many business owners have remained stuck working with the same clients, charging the same fees, stuck in a routine, and slowly growing to resent their business; this is because of their beliefs, and there will always be evidence to support it.

Asking those three questions is a perfect start.

What beliefs are you holding onto that are not serving you?