Stop driving with your foot on the brake!

That’s what my coach said this to me during one of our sessions. Up until that moment, I was rather pleased with myself and my update – but he wasn’t

His comment, stopped me in my tracks as it made me realise, hell yes I had been driving with my foot on the brake.

Driving with our foot on the brake is wrapped up in many things, limiting beliefs, sense of self-worth and in the end, fear. Fear of success, being an imposter or being found out, leaving others behind – you fill in the gap.

We do it in our relationships – not speaking up when we should or feel that our boundaries and values have been violated – we make excuses and say half-truths. We say we want something but do the bare minimum expecting a return. We do it in business, working with the same clients but afraid to step out and do bigger and better work with a new client group, the list goes on.

If you’ve been driving with your foot on the brake, what would it be like if for 2021 you took your foot off the break…. just a little?


The Know Your Value Group Action Program

As A Business-to-Business Professional, Do You Ever Ask Yourself These Questions:

How do I get clients to understand the value of our service?
Am I charging the right amount for the quality of work that we do?”
“How do I attract more quality clients to my business?”
How can I increase my fees?
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