It’s okay to disagree with a client.

It can be a good thing.

If you’re honest and respectful, you can iron out areas of concern, and it is an excellent opportunity for the relationship to grow.

Too often, I see people who are afraid to have difficult conversations and instead delegate, avoid, or fail to address them.

No genuine relationship exists where you don’t have some uncomfortable conversations. When all is well and there are no complaints, someone is not being honest – but this is my opinion.

I was in conversation with a client who said he did not shy away from potential arguments as he has his viewpoint but is open to having those discussions respectfully.

Whenever I’ve had those ‘itchy’ conversations with clients, the relationship has endured and been better.

Don’t avoid complaints or difficult conversations; that is where the learnings are and what builds relationships.

Walk towards them. They are good for you.