It’s easy to read a quote about failure; it’s hard when it’s you.

My most memorable failure was a business I started many years ago called Books Talk Too, and given a choice, I would have tucked that failure away like a glove.

That business taught me some hard lessons: it is hard to transition from an employee to a business owner.

I met Michael Crane more than ten years ago when I visited his company while working as a business consultant. I have not seen him since. Serendipitously he contacted me about two months ago to ask if I would like to be one of his guests on his Be The Best You Can Podcast.

He wanted me to share any advice and tips for businesses during these pandemic times.

The interview turned out to be more than that. Michael was instrumental in me recognising that my failure was not something to be ashamed of but acknowledged.

We talk about the following topics and more: 

– How I left a well-paid job to start the first black audiobook business in the UK

– How the failure of Books Talk Too led me to be told, you have a way with people” and was the catalyst for starting Morton Patterson Consulting.

– How having passion and vision is not enough; you need the right people around you

Here is the lesson I learned: to hide from our failures is to play small. You may be thinking of starting something that could give your life meaning, and if that is the case, you have to go for it.

Walk towards taking that risk. If it does not work, celebrate your failure, there is so much to learn than just hiding in the corner of fear.

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