In 2013, I attended a workshop called ‘Know Your Value’. The workshop taught me about the correlation between personal value and my value financially. This challenged me both personally and professional and influenced how we priced our time and services. I began to look at our business with the value propositional notion of what, when, where, how and what if questions.

We applied the Value Proposition to our different clients and their experience and journey. In 2016, we acquired our first funeral home and asked Morton to guide us with Compassionate Funeral’s values and to take the team forward with future goals and outcomes. Morton worked lovingly both with me and my team in visioning the Business Growth Grid with a projection of 1 – 3 years growth.

The Grid was instrumental to our growth, as most of the goals we put down, were manifested – particularly the digital marketing goals and its relationship to sales targets. Morton presented the ‘Grid’ as flexible and free flowing tool, which can be updated and upgraded. Throughout the year, we would look at the Grid weekly, having a verbal relationship with it and the focus of bringing into life. Morton is a special soul and your souls co-created thoughts and visions into inspired actions – his method and guidance did its wonders.

Lastly, Morton doesn’t take prisoners, in that when I fell or lost my way, he was soft and compassionate and when I became hard and inflexible, he suggested that I embrace patience and gratitude.

To have Morton as a mentor, Compassionate Funerals has proved been hugely prosperous and successful.

I cannot speak highly enough of Morton. A business consultant who is great at asking tough questions, he has been an incredible asset to my business over the last couple of years. Supremely insightful. Highly supportive. Morton is very perceptive. Behind a very cool, calm and mild-mannered exterior is a quietly assertive, authoritative and insightful coach.

Morton gets to the critical questions fast and works to challenge, identify, tackle and help resolve blockers to progress. There is nowhere to hide with this guy. Over the last couple of years, Morton has become an important advisor and trusted confidant. Morton’s now my go-to sage for honest, impartial guidance. Great guy.

We have been working with Morton for eleven months through the Building Legacies programme and continue to work with him to improve our business strategies. Before meeting Morton, we had been in a plateau for a few years – our turnover had remained around the same along with our profits for several years, despite working through a number of strategies to increase both.  In actual fact profits have doubled.

Before starting this journey, we wanted to develop a growth plan and focus on building the company. Through the work we have done together, Morton has helped to understand our value which has led to a more strategic approach to our business. This has had a dual effect- we have begun to expand and grow and we have applied these same techniques to our client’s work. By understanding our own value, we are able to add value to our clients and provide a better service to them.

Without Morton, we would not have the understanding of ourselves and therefore our clients that we now do. His work has been invaluable. Our team has grown, our clients are happier with our approach and most importantly we are growing as a company with a motivated team.

After meeting Morton at a business networking event he contacted me to offer his assistance as a business consultant through SEE. This has proven to be an important and significant meeting. Morton, as a consultant has given me a great deal of advice and support, particularly at a crucial time in my personal development as a business women taking on increased responsibilities at AR Engineering Industries.

His advice is based on a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience; he is particularly good at drawing on his own experiences to help others and related them to their issues and challenges.

The introduction he has given me to SEE has also proven to have been extremely beneficial. The seminars and courses that they run; covering business matters from sales and marketing, to employment law and issues; have been very helpful.

I am also now part of a business coaching club with Morton which is both enjoyable and useful – an excellent forum to share and discuss business ideas and problems in a professional, yet informal but confidential environment.

Articulating value Morton met me when I was a graphic designer and consultant struggling with clients mistaking me for, or treating me as, a contract freelancer. Most of my clients begin at the end. Their brief starts with the deliverable, be it a rebrand, an annual report, some environmental graphics, publicity for an event… What they get is much more than that. They get the knowledge and intelligence to go deeper than the brief and find out what design actually needs to do.

They get the experience to know how long things take, how they should be produced and to tell clients what they should be doing as well as what the design and production teams should be doing. They get someone with the expertise to challenge them with ideas that they haven’t asked for but might be what they need. More, even, than that, clients get design that helps them engage, invite, inform, sell, campaign, raise awareness… But at the time, I wasn’t articulating my value well enough.

Over a year’s business mentoring through ELBP, Morton guided me through a process of analysing, articulating and questioning that’s resulted in a much clearer understanding of the service I offer and at what level it should be pitched. Because I understand it more clearly, I can communicate it more clearly. And because I can recognise the work where I could add value for clients, I can say a polite “no” to work where I would be more than the client wants.

In a crowded market of generic business support, Morton’s service is exceptional. Morton works from the business owner outwards and on behaviours, not policies. As a creative sector microbusiness, that was exactly what I needed.

I had the pleasure of working with Morton through ELBP as my business advisor. Morton helped me to hone in on my service offer, develop more sophisticated packages and pricing and to really become clearer about the direction I want to take my business. He also very recently helped me to flesh out the proposition, value and target audience for another start up business.

He has tremendous insight, gets to know the business and their owners extremely well as far as understanding where they are going and amazingly helps to get into the detail of what are the key offerings of the business and the clients you are after. He is a delight to work with and any time spent with him is well worth it for any business owner looking to grow and develop. Thanks for all your help Morton!

I was given the pleasure of meeting Morton through my affiliation with the East London Business Place where Morton offered several valuable workshops on value-based selling which really aligned my own thoughts regarding the importance of my offer in relation to the intended market space I desired to occupy with my business. I was later provided an opportunity for a more personal one on one with Morton, at a pivotal stage of my business development.

I was seeking a fresh pair of eyes to assess where I was with my business, with a non-biased – support and action based approach. Morton was able to not only guide and assist me in gaining clarity about what my offer was and where I intended to head (both in the short and long-term), he has a real knack for the finer details of homing in and really focusing on the offer. His experience in value-based selling really attuned my senses during a period where Methodworks Production was also in the process of updating our website (and offer).

At the precipice, Morton was able to guide me to my true passions as to the marketplace I would thrive in and the kind of clientele I should be focusing my offer towards which was a real turning point. Since my consultation period ended with Morton I have managed to increase my staffing, improve my offer, become bolder in my pricing and begin to see an increase in both turnover and opportunities. I therefore highly endorse Morton for his unique value-based selling approach.

Morton is a very friendly, skilled and personable individual. Albeit a corporate background, where his presentation, knowledge, and skills are highly professional, he is a very easy gentleman to build rapport with and whom really takes a keen interest in supporting his clients’ unique desires in a way that works for them (rather than following a textbook template) whilst ensuring there is both theory and action moving forward.

His business advice and consulting have been priceless in advancing Methodworks Production forward.

I was recommended to Morton by another business coach. At the first phone cal, Morton asked specific and in depth questions which I found useful in helping me to focus my mind in regards to my long term goals in so far as running my own business.

At the first meeting, Morton came fully prepared, I found him to be highly knowledgeable, experienced and patient. He captured who I am as a person and what my vision was in regards to my business just from that initial phone call and at the first session. This gave me the reassurance that I was in good hands.

Morton has helped me appreciate more fully the value I provide to clients and has provided me with strategies to better serve my clients without compromising on my fee structure and level of service. I have found Morton to be personable, patient, knowledgeable, experienced and I have no hesitation in recommending him. I would certainly use his services again in the future.