Here are three of the most powerful questions you can ask in a meeting.

I’ve been working with a client to create a three-year vision growth map and plan the critical actions needed to achieve the goals outlined.

We also discussed how to implement a value base fee structure in her business, and I suggested that when you have future meetings, ask this question – Why Me?

She decided to take it on board and said, “Initially, I was hesitant to ask the question as it felt uncomfortable, as if I was being a show-off, but I let that go.”

She was pleasantly surprised by some of the feedback she received:

✳️ You understand the complexities of our business and how to work with us, and as a result, you’re accepted.
✳️ You understand how to navigate the system.
✳️ We cannot work with providers who do not make any real effort to understand us; consequently, you have been able to develop solutions that work for us.

She continued, “When I listened to their answers, they were really powerful and helped me clarify my value proposition.”

The Why Me question can get existing or potential clients to explain what it is about you that makes the difference, but I want to add two more questions, which you should ask yourself – preferably after a meeting.

Why are they doing this now, and why in this manner? This will help clarify the importance and urgency, and, as a client once said, “I’m not sure if we are going to be here if we don’t do something now.”

Asking the client and yourself these questions help to clarify what makes you different because if you are one of many, the buyer has many choices, but if you have the expertise and stand out, you are much more valuable.

You will get to know your value quickly, and as she said, it was a good segway into discussing an increase in my fees.

When you want to clarify your value, ask these questions.