I’m not one for new years resolutions – however, I thought of doing something different this year and so I created a list of ‘value’ resolutions.

I think knowing your value is a journey, and with every engagement you learn more about yourself, the difference you make and how to be better. Part 2 – next week.

Value Resolutions

1) Do not procrastinate – follow up, follow up …follow up
2) Move away from working by the hour – the measurement is skewed, not on results but your time
3) Speak up, ask that uncomfortable question – you will feel better having done it.
4) Keep promises
5) Ask for testimonials early, don’t wait until you have completed the project or contract
6) Consistently, create a success log – to document and demonstrate your value
7) Ask the budget question, more than once; you probably won’t get an honest answer but ask it anyway.
8) Don’t be afraid of that space between a question and answer – you don’t always have to fill the gap – and you might be surprised by what you will learn.

It’s not easy to keep to your value resolutions as you can slip into old habits.

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Knowing your value is a journey, and with every engagement, you learn more about yourself, your team, the difference you make and how to serve better.

1) Continue to value your team and clients; they all make it possible for you to shine
2) Find the value in others and compliment them
3) Look at your engagements, are they more transactional than value-based? How can you change the relationship – is it even possible?
4) Seek out the value and learning you get from making mistakes
5) Push back more and find the courage to speak up with that client or individual you feel is taking advantage
7) Say thank you all the time – staff, team, clients, suppliers; you’d be surprised how far it will get you
8) Ask more questions before saying yes and going off on a wild goose chase to write that proposal or agreeing to do a favour

Knowing Your Value is not only relevant in business or our work; it is reflected in our everyday relationships, how we feel about ourselves, engage with others and is at the centre of my Knowing Your Value workshop which you can find out more about here.