One of the most anxious times, after you have sent a proposal or estimate off to a prospective client, is waiting for their response. Sometimes this may be a formality, and others may have to gain approval from another decision-maker.

One of my Ask Morton clients called as he had just emailed a proposal in which he promised to contact the prospective client in a couple of days; they replied to say, leave it with me, and I will get back to you shortly.

In our discussion, he said, “I was uncertain as to what to do next – should I call or wait for them to respond?” I asked about the meeting and what questions he asked?

I suggested he follows up in a couple of days, but for future meetings, there are a couple of questions he should have asked which can alleviate any future anxiety after clicking the send button.

As you draft your proposal after a meeting, here are a couple of questions you should have answers to:

Ask the client – why me or us?
Do you come highly recommended or have developed a reputation for the stellar results you have achieved?Why now?
Is it because of Covid? Have they lost a significant client base? Do they have the budget now?

Why do they want the service delivered in a particular way?
During the meeting, you may have explained your approach, and in turn, they have defined what works best for them.

This is just a sample of some of the questions you can ask, as there is never a guarantee that you will get the business. However, as you draft your proposal, the answer to these questions can help you to close more clients.

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