Sometimes a real test of your resolve in your business and personal life is how you handle challenging situations.

It’s 5 am, and my wife asks what time the PCR fit to fly appointment is? I say, I thought you had booked it, she says, no I thought you had booked it.

In just over 24 hrs, we were travelling to Cyprus, but due to COVID-19, UK residents need a fit to fly certificate with a negative result and a flight pass before you can check-in.

We had miscommunicated and due to circumstances beyond our control could not do the test on the 72hr mark, we had to do it the day before our trip. The realisation hit us hard that we would not get the results in time, and not be able to travel.

We desperately needed a break, and this was looking like it was not going to happen.

I asked two questions – what are our options and what is the worst that can happen?

The worst that could happen was we miss the flight and have to cancel our holiday. We felt sick.

We looked at several options:
1) Contact our travel agent and change the flight to a later date – which at such late notice would be expensive.
2) Look online for clinics that could provide the results within in 24hrs – even more expensive.

The prices ranged £220 – £500 each with the result in 24hrs. I was feeling even sicker hearing those exorbitant fees.

We found a clinic in South Molton Street, London which would give us our results by 6:30 am the following morning. Cost £600.00.

Ignorantly, we did not realise that the free NHS test results would suffice for a flight pass. We received the results in time and flew to Cyprus as scheduled.

Many times in life, we are faced with unexpected situations, and this period of the 2nd lockdown in the UK is a case in point, but you have to put emotions aside, think of the outcome you want, look at your options and do what needs to be done.

It’s never over unless you win.