When submitting proposals and your fees, it’s best to avoid presenting only a single fee as it can be risky and lead the client to a binary ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision and underscores the importance of offering a range of options to avoid a yes or no.

I frequently receive proposals with one fee and recall receiving a quote which had a single fee. It was a simple decision for me – a yes or no.

Had he created options of increasing value and I could see how I would benefit from the additional investment, I would have revised my decision.

Creating a range of options that progressively increase in value shows that you’ve listened during your meetings, guiding clients towards the most suitable option for their needs and budget and significantly increasing the likelihood of them saying yes.

That said, there is an alternative approach that can be quite effective. It involves having a very comprehensive conversation with the client, where you discuss the options, investment, and the next steps right there and then.

So, by the end of the meeting, everyone is clear, and there is just one fee and no surprises.