Anna and her business partner provide press releases, newsletters, and edit web content, amongst other things and are the outsourced arm for their small business clients who do not want an in-house PR team.

The problem was they charged by the hour and had
mistakenly listed all their services on their website and expected prospects to wade through to figure out the right service for them.

Their rates were by the hour, and calculating the time worked was always problematic and time-consuming as they had to detail how long each task took.

Additionally, they lacked the confidence to be assertive and set clear boundaries. Scope creep was the name of the day, leading to feelings of frustration, being taken advantage of and overall unhappiness as they did more work than they were paid for.

When we met, they were unhappy as some of their client relationships were frustrating and unsettling. We worked to create a suite of packages with clear options demonstrating increasing value and cost.

Here’s the value of packaging your services instead of offering each service separately:
✅ Risk is reduced on both sides as you and the client know what is expected.
✅ Clients have more choices as you provide different entry points to use your services
✅ You appeal to different budgets
✅ Packaging shifts the focus from cost to value
✅ When you only offer one price, it’s a yes or no decision
✅ You can sell more, boost profitability and grow your business.

Ultimately, creating packages meant they did less work, managed scope creep and increased revenue.

Their confidence doubled during sales conversations, as clients knew what they were buying.

Big businesses like mobile phone operators or credit card companies have the system of offering packages down to a science, and you can do the same.