Clarity on your business strategy can double your revenue and help you achieve your goals faster.

This week I want to share with you an exercise I take clients through that is tremendously effective.

Let me show you how to develop your plan for the next three years using the Vison Growth Map Framework.

✅ Draw three big circles which represent each of the years.

✅ The outer circle is year three, the middle circle is year two, and the inner circle is year one.

✅ Identify how you would measure the growth of your business over the next three years – what KPIs would you use? For example, sales, type of customers, new products, international markets

✅ Write each KPI on a list on the left.

✅ Start at year three and work backwards to year 1, and for each KPI, ask what you would want to achieve in the respective year. Plot your answer against each KPI outlined on the circle.

Do the same for years 2 and 1

✅ When you have completed all three years, look at year one and ask what the critical actions from each KPI for year one would need to be. Those are your key actions for the next 90 days.

A vision growth map framework has been one of the most effective tools I use with clients as they get absolute clarity.

Their vision comes out of their heads and goes on paper. For big-picture thinkers, it forces them to get specific about the journey ahead and the detail involved. The clarity is exhilarating.

I developed one of these growth maps with a client, and I visited a year and a ½ later after we started working together.

As I walked into his office, the MD beamed as he pulled the flip chart out and said, “Morton, we are still using the map we did together, and we regularly look at it to see where we are, what we have not achieved and also how we have done exceptionally well.”

I was really happy they’d experienced the value of it and had continued using it as a reference guide.

Last week, a client wrote, ” The whole experience of doing this map was amazing; it helped me create clear steps over the next three years to reach my ambitious targets. You understand my personality type and helped me go from a bigger-picture thinker to a smaller steps thinker.

It’s a powerful planning tool. Let me know if you need help developing your growth map.